Top 3 Ways Freelancers can Save Money, Time and Stress Less

Email is still the most used tool for freelancers to communicate with clients and sometimes it's a nightmare.
Email is sometimes just volatile when issues arise.
According to a survey from Freelancers Union 70% of freelancers have lost money on delinquent clients.

Here's 3 ways to turn Gmail, into a safer tool to save time, money and stress less defending your work.

1. Save money: One-click agreements:
With today's technology the email itself becomes the legally valid document using Stampery's blockchain technology. Close more deals with clients and get projects signed off instantly with 1 click within your email. There's no more need for paperless contracts or even a notary services.

2. Save time: Email tracking:
There is no need to wonder about the journey of your emails, not knowing if potential clients have read offers, or if it went straight to spam.
You can track it with Stampery among others and get a notification once it has been read. You will also be able to see if it has been opened more than once, so you know it had an effect on the client.

3. No more stress: Online sharing protection:
Stampery also offers document, files or any data certification on the blockchain for creatives protection, generating immutable proof of existence, integrity and ownership. Share your documents online, knowing that no one can claim or copy your work.

You can even integrate Stampery with your Dropbox to certify proposals just dragging and dropping into a Dropbox folder.

Improve your quality of life. Save money by having valid proofs of the agreed services, save time by tracking and securing the progress of your emails and resting assured that you can prove that your ideas and work were created by you. You can't afford not to.