Exploring new Blockchain timestamping use cases: certifying mooc diplomas

Each day we spend more and more time exploring how the technology behind Stampery, the Bitcoin Blockchain, could improve processes and how we can build a more efficient tomorrow. Stampery enables a new world of opportunities for many industries using the decentralised technology of the Blockchain. With our powerful API we allow programmers from anywhere in the world to develop solutions using our core-service by integrating it in all kinds of third-party applications.

We were recently contacted by two of the top Spanish entrepreneurs in the Bitcoin space, who are currently focused on teaching what Bitcoin and the Blockchain are, to big companies highlighting the opportunities it opens for their businesses with a set of moocs called Blockchain Toolkit.

“Our main mission is to train our students to understand the Blockchain in depth, to let them identify areas and processes in their companies and markets where they can apply the huge potential that this technology has”, says Roberto Díaz, co-founder of Blockchain Toolkit.

We started exploring together a new use case based on the common problem that HR departments face each day, and which Stampery could solve: providing reliable, immutable and auditable studies certificates.

Candidates when applying to job offers, lie in their resumes with fake positions and studies. Checking if an application is trustworthy is time consuming and not always possible.

Blockchain Toolkit solves that problem delivering to all its participants a digital diploma stamped and stored into the Blockchain. Students can include diplomas in their resume, easily and anyone, employer or HR consultant, can verify independently and at zero cost the legitimacy of the diploma by comparing the diploma unique identifier (a simple and unrepeatable number that each diploma has with all the student data) with the original copy stored by the organisation into the Blockchain.