Welcome to the team, Marcos!

We are obsessed with design. We’ve always been. And, since the very beginning, we knew our goal would be to create products that make people’s lives easier.

The joy of seeing how we can disintermediate industries and save time to our users, so they can focus on having a happier life, is what drives us.

We have developed the world’s best notarization product. You just drag and drop a file, we take care of the rest. It’s been a long journey and a lot of customer feedback and both design and technical decisions.

And, in order to continue putting design as our first priority, we have spent the past months looking for the perfect person to lead the design of both our notary platform and our upcoming products.

Someone who has a clear product vision, who is data driven and who understands how to interpret human behavior in order to create beautifully crafted products.

So, today, we’re extremely happy to welcome Marcos to our team.

Marcos has more than 10 years experience working with recognized companies, such as BBVA, Destinia, Real Madrid… He has a very interesting mix of expertise areas, from user behavior to UI design going through analytics and programming. He has also created a very cool Sketch Plugin. What a perfect match for us!

Here you go with a quick interview with him!

Luis: Marcos, we’re extremely happy to have you onboard! During your career you have designed products that have been used by tons of people all around the world. What motivates you from design?

Marcos: I’m extremely happy to join the team too!! About the question, well, what really motivates me it’s the mere act of creating. It’s really exciting to follow the process of creation, from one “what if” to a finished product. The moment your project goes live is also awesome, testing if we’ve provided the best solution to a problem, seeing how users interact with your product… It’s the satisfaction we get at the end. The creation of something useful, being able to simplify something and achieve our goals using our skills and experience.

Luis: I know you’re very data-driven. But when data isn’t enough, where do you get your inspiration from?

Marcos: I get inspired from many sources. The one I like most could be cooking books. They are always a really good source for inspiration, as they need to be simple yet useful and attractive. Many recipes are just formulas and processes explained in a very simple way.

Luis: “Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.” — Richard Grefe How do you understand this quote? How do you see the future of design?

Marcos: In my opinion, this quote is trying to say that design helps people to understand information, making it a facilitator. We, as designers, need to get that information and make the important things outstand so that the forward path is clearly visible. At the end, design is about making life easier.

We’re extremely happy to welcome Marcos as part of our team, working with us to keep making Stampery a product-focused company. You’ll use amazing products designed by him real soon.

Luis Iván Cuende

Stampery CTO