Introducing Stampery for iOS

We are extremely proud to announce that, starting today, our iOS app is publicly available.

With the app, you can now stamp any photos, voice notes or files in no time, opening a new world of possibilities.

For example, if you were stuck in traffic, you can now prove it :)

Or, you can record a vocal contract, which are legally binding in a lot of countries but extremely difficult to prove they happened. Now you can create them on the go just by tapping a button.

Our iOS app brings us closer to the idea that we can allow every person on earth to notarize any set of data, communication or file they want immediately” - Daniele Levi, CEO

We’ve been meticulous about translating our carefully crafted desktop experience to the iOS platform, with the quickest and most simple way to stamp and access your stamps.

The Stampery iOS app is really powerful, yet simple. It’s got a lot of challenges, and we loved pushing our limits to put it together“ - Pablo Merino, iOS Lead

Install it now at the App Store

Luis Iván Cuende

Stampery CTO