Stampery: K50 company @ Kairos Global Summit 2015

Being selected as a K50 company for the Kairos Global Summit 2015 was extremely exciting for all the team: we had the opportunity to hang out with the most brilliant entrepreneurs that are solving really big problems with their ambitious visions and hard work.

Here just a few examples of some people that really left a deep mark in our hearths:

  • Thibaut Duchemin, CEO of AVA, is one the guys we simply cannot help admiring: coming from a family of hear impaired and deaf persons he has been bridging communications gaps from an early age. That’s why he built AVA and Transcense, an app that gives deaf people a chance to “hear” who is saying what in groups conversations.
  • Kathleen Yu is building Rumarocket, which enables companies to save money, time and resources by using artificial intelligence to hire talent.
  • Takunda Chingozoh is the founder of Saisai Wireless and he comes for Harare, Zimbabwe: he is deploying “the internet of Africa”. As a free WiFi network, it is built for maximizing network reach and coverage at the lowest cost possible by increasing the distribution of network resources to achieve 10x more efficiency.
  • Alex Lopera from Verse is leveraging on underlying Bitcoin technology to re-shape the remittances market: his company is building a product to send and request money from any phone for just about anything.
  • Danny Cabrera is building the future of regenerative medicine - Biobots is rolling out a high resolution desktop 3D bioprinter that builds functional three dimensional living tissue.
  • Sukh Sidhu from Dray really made our day: he’s one of those guys whose drive and passion really levas a mark. He’s about to disrupt the logistics/supply chain industry, while making life easier for truckers in the process.

These are just 6 examples of +50 incredible founders we met at Kairos. We’re so proud of being part of this amazing family!

Daniele Levi

CEO, Stampery