Welcome to the team, Pablo!

I’m always amazed to find the incredible talent we have at Spain.

But a year ago I got to know a very special case of a really young developer who moved to live on his own at the extremely early age of 18, which is probably the less common thing, because in Spain people usually move out of home after they’re 25-30.

He did so because he found a job, that is also pretty unusual in Spain where unemployment is at crazy rates, specially youth unemployment.

He didn’t attend university at all, he has a 100% hands-on approach. And I absolutely love that, because that’s the way we work at Stampery. We are builders. We like to create. We are product-focused.

His background relates to backend technologies such as Go, Ruby and NodeJS, but he is also extremely passionate about iOS development, and he has already released a Bitcoin app for the iPhone.

So, to welcome him, there’s nothing better than an interview!

Luis: Pablo, we’re so happy to work with you. How did you got involved with Bitcoin and why did you create both BitcoinEx and Bitcointy?

Pablo: I got involved with Bitcoin because at the beginning it looked like a new, powerful technology. After that, I’ve discovered the technology behind it, and instantly liked it, and saw the potential it had. I’ve also liked the finance part of it, which also got me into the stock market, which has similar terms and such. At first, I’ve created Bitcointy as a way to merge multiple Bitcoin APIs (for prices and market data) into an unified API, which didn’t exist at the time. Later I created the iOS app to see how much I could exploit that API, and because iOS development is my favorite

Luis: Interesting. As a freedom lover, what do you think about the blockchain technology and the possibilities it opens?

Pablo: The blockchain technology opens a whole world of possibilities, which sadly I haven’t been able to explore totally, but I find it really interesting that the blockchain isn’t just specific to Bitcoin, but could also be applied to any other technology, such as what Stampery does. Also, it pushes the world towards a more decentralized society, where theoretically almost all the aspects of it could be implemented in the blockchain.

Luis: You’re the one in charge of the Stampery iOS app. iOS development is having an awesome momentum with lots of new tools and possibilities. How do you see the future of iOS development?

Pablo: iOS development has evolved a lot since I started back in iPhone OS 2.x days. Now there’s a lot of tools and SDKs which make building a full featured app easy and powerful. Also there’s a huge collection of UI and backend libraries made by third parties (some by developers, other published by big brands such as Facebook) where you can choose which to use and which ones fit the best to your needs. Now, with Swift, iOS apps will be simpler and faster, since this new language improves almost all of the current Objective-C features, and fixes many of the known problems with it. Also, package managers are really powerful tools which solve the old problem of adding and configuring the dependencies, which propelled the amount of libraries available.

You heard it. Stampery is gonna be on iOS extremely soon thanks to Pablo, and get ready cause it’s gonna be awesome.

And, as you saw on this post’s photo, after Pablo’s incorporation to the team, we are five blockchain lovers working on the product. So expect more great stuff coming.

We are totally thrilled to have Pablo working with us in order to take Stampery to the next level. Welcome to the team, Pablo!

Luis Iván Cuende

Stampery CTO