Stampery + Onename

At we’ve integrated a new, revolutionary way to prove your identity in a decentralized way: Onename. Today we’re announcing the first step of our integration.

Onename is a system by which anybody can link their identity to a blockchain entry. This allows users to regain control of their personal information, sharing it with any app developers that they wish, without the approval of any third party. Social networks can be linked to the user’s Onename ID, reducing username squatting and guaranteeing in a decentralized fashion the identity of the user.

This is PGP on steroids. Or, at least, is a system closely related to PGP that achieves something that PGP never achieved: simplicity and, above all, user friendliness.

This is an important step for Stampery. Now, when you certify a file, you can include as authors anybody with a “passcard” (which is a Onename ID). You just have to type “+” + any Onename username to add someone as author to your certificate.