Stampery v1.7

Blah Dear Stampery friends, today, we are happy to announce we are introducing the 1.7 version, that is the change log:
  • Free account: free account with 5 monthly stamps and 5GB for everyone! 
  • User autocompletion: now Stampery autocompletes the authors of a stamp if they are users too
  • Onename: it helps you to find not only Stampery users, but Onename users. we love Onename and wanted it as a Stampery feature, and the result is really cool!
  • List view: now you can have hundreds of stamps without going mad while browsing them
  • Profile views: we already have artists on board using the platform, so we decided that it was time to let them show what they are creating by using publicly accessible profile views
  • Settings redesign: we refined from scratch the settings view in order to rethink the overall user experience. Now editing and managing your preferences is as simple as possible
  • Faster: we updated our frontend technology so now everything loads 3x
  • Email: now all the email addresses for stamping emails are customized with your username
  • Easier pricing: we now have Free and Pro accounts. Nothing more
  • Captcha: we had an attack on the signup page (yay! Our first attack!) so this is only for prevention

Keep on rocking! 

-Your Stampery team